Holiday Cake Pops

Celebrate with our most popular item! Shipping since 2010, our Cake Pops are perfect for any celebration.

Our cake pops are made with classic birthday or chocolate cake mixed with frosting which we then formed into 1-inch spheres. Once chilled, we stick each cake pop with a 6-inch paper stick and dip in white or milk chocolate. Once finished, each cake pops is about the size of a golf ball.


- Choose to order in 6, 12, or 24 cake pops per box

- Each cake pop is individually wrapped in plastic with a metallic twist tie

- Each order contains two flavors

Classic White Cake dipped in White Chocolate

Classic Chocolate CAke dipped in Milk Chocolate 


We ensure that packages are only in transit via FedEx for 1-2 days maximum. If the temps are above 70 degrees we automatically ship with an insulated liner and an ice pack.


Once the box is delivered, please unpack as soon as possible and place the contents in your refrigerator. Cake pops stay fresh at room temperature for 2-3 days or refrigerated 5-7 days. You may also freeze the cake pops for up to two months (leave the pops wrapped in the plastic bags). Simply thaw and serve an hour or two before your event.