About Us


It's almost 2020 (wow!) and I've been in the cake pop business for nearly ten years now. From birthdays to weddings to corporate events, I’ve pretty much seen and made it all. Throw in a presidential inaugural ball, a Christmas order for 250,000, a nod from Martha Stewart, and a few celebrity clients, I now consider myself a cake pop expert.

Opening and running Raleigh Cake Pops was amazing. I still get giddy when we make super cute cake pops and proceed to take at least 20 photos of them. But growing is a part of life and I'm excited for the change.
With that being said, we're excited to introduce our new name,
Sweets & Stems.
  We started Sweets & Stems to celebrate all things
sweet and couple that with a new found love of floral design.
Here on our new site, www.sweetsandstems.com, we've got all of your Raleigh Cake Pops favorites plus a few fun new floral additions. Stay tuned as we grow!
As always please reach out to us with comments, suggestions and inquiries!